Proshyan brandy factory

This is a modern production complex equipped with the latest technological equipment. The production area of ​​the company covers an area of ​​35 thousand m² and has a wide range of alcoholic beverages: cognac, wine, vodka, sparkling wine, liquor.

Armenian cognacs

The main products of the plant, obtained from selected varieties of grapes grown in the Ararat Valley. The basis of the range of cognacs produced is a distillate of 3-40 years of aging.

The cognacs produced at the factory are endowed with a typical bouquet of delicate aromas inherent in Armenian cognacs, special softness, velvety and a long-lasting aftertaste. Cognacs in souvenir bottles are especially popular. Hand-blown glass bottles are based on the traditions of folk craftsmen. The exclusive works of the plant's specialists are known all over the world.

Cognac production is a reverent attitude to the traditions and standards of cognac business and an unceasing pursuit of excellence.

Leader in the production of Armenian cognacs

Today, the Proshyan Brandy Factory occupies a leading position in the sales of Armenian cognacs and wines in Armenia. The result of cooperation with foreign partners was a sharp increase in the volume of exports of its products to Russia, Germany, the USA, Greece, Israel, South Korea, etc.
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Production of wines

An equally significant role in the company's activities is the production of wines and liquors. Thousand-year traditions of winemaking and unique local grape varieties, a special microclimate of the sunny Ararat Valley, as well as vineyards at an altitude of 1,200 m above sea level, give the grapes grown here a unique taste, aroma and astringency.

The factory is famous for its original fruit wines made using a unique technology, such as pomegranate, quince, blackberry, cherry, which are considered the best in their class in the world.

Moscow office

Since March 12, 2008 the Moscow office of the plant began its work. In the assortment portfolio offered to the Russian consumer there are several lines of Armenian cognacs both in the low and medium price segment and in the class of elite cognacs, such as Mane, Armenui, Tsar Pap and Khent ". Cognacs are also presented in souvenir figured bottles.

An important part of the proposed assortment is occupied by well-known fruit and grape wines, a large selection of fruit vodkas produced by the Proshyan Brandy Factory.

Moscow office of the Proshyan plant

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