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The leader in sales of Armenian cognacs and wines in Armenia. This is a modern production complex equipped with the latest technological equipment.

Бутылка коньяка Армянский алфавит

Our production

Armenian cognacs are the main products of the plant, obtained from selected varieties of grapes grown in the Ararat Valley.
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    Pom-X is definitely a hit!  It is a sweet sparkling fruit drink with a bright, tempting aroma and delicate taste. Only the ripest pomegranate, peach, blackberry and mango fruits are used to create this wine.
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    Frunzik is an elegant wine made from ancient autochthonous grape varieties grown under the generous sun of Armenia in the vineyards of the famous Vayots Dzor. This wine is a combination of modern and traditional views on winemaking.
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    Proshyan is an Armenian brandy produced according to the classic technology from selected spirits and aged in special barrels made of black Karabakh oak. The brandy is distinct for its elegant aroma and nice, well-balanced taste.
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    Mane brandy has been produced by an old Armenian brandy factory since 1885; it is made only from autochthonous Armenian grape varieties: Mskhali, Chilar, Voskeat and Garandmak. Mane brandy is the embodiment of high quality and harmony of ancient Armenian recipes.
Cognac production is a reverent attitude to the traditions and standards of cognac business and an unceasing pursuit of excellence.

Proshyan brandy factory

Today, the Proshyan Brandy Factory is a modern production complex equipped with the latest technological equipment. The production area of ​​the company covers an area of ​​35 thousand m² and has a wide range of alcoholic beverages: cognac, wine, vodka, sparkling wine, liquor.

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